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Simple and affordable ideas to use zwave for home automation. Find product reviews for smart homes, devices, amazon echo, wink hub, lutron and smart things

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Z-Wave Home Automation Australia is a retailer of Home Automation products and systems based on Z-Wave standard in Australia and New Zealand

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Z-Wave Home Automation Australia is a retailer of Home Automation products and systems based on Z-Wave standard in Australia and New Zealand

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This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download OpenHAB Beginner’s Guide Part 2: ZWave, MQTT, Rules and Charting now. Feel free to copy and ...

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I was wondering if it might be possible to create a Virtual (for lack of a better word) 3 way switch? I have a hall that has 2 lights and 2 switches but ...

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You need to check your wiring before ordering these. These switches require 3 wires: load, line, and neutral. Some of my light switch boxes do not have a ...

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New Model: GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control, 3-Speed, In-Wall, Includes White & Light Almond Paddles, Controls Fan Speed ONLY, Works with ...

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Instructions on how to compile openZwave to control Z-wave lights, switches, and other controllers. This tutorial focuses on the Raspberry Pi but should be ...

Z-Wave Secure SRT323 Room Thermostat with LCD display ...

Installed two SRT323 in a holiday home 3 months ago, connected to Homeseer via and Aeotec zwave stick. Good: 1. Inclusion was pretty straight forward; 2.

Best smart switch to replace a three way switch? - Devices ...

@Daveuk100, I use that exact same three way switch kit by GE. I purchased them from Lowe's, and have installed 6 of the kits. They're rock solid devices.