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WHMCS for Amazon AWS - CloudMGR

WHMCS no longer supported. Try modern client management, free for 14 days. Integrates with the world's largest cloud provider, AWS, together with client management solutions including ConnectWise and Zendesk, giving you a complete end-to-end platform for cloud hosting, management, billing and support.

Nuvelink WHMCS connector for AWS provisioning and billing ...

Dear readers, We are glad to announce the availability of the Nuvelink WHMCS connector for AWS. The features supported by the connector are: 1.

AWS Marketplace: WHMCS powered by Webuzo

Webuzo WHMCS Stack is pre-bundled with all the dependencies and requirements like Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. WHMCS is an all-in-one client management ...

Sell Amazon Web Services with WHMCS - CloudMGR

Sell Amazon Web Services with WHMCS. Posted by Craig Deveson January 20, ... Two ways to use AWS and WHMCS via CloudMGR. CloudMGR pre-configured AWS ...

Amazon AWS Manager Addon For WHMCS - Xieles Support

Amazon AWS Manager Addon for WHMCS simply the management of AWS instances of your customers. You can view all the instances under your AWS account and do basic operations like Start, Stop and Terminate.

WHMCS AWS - Resell, Automation and Billing - Nuvepro

WHMCS AWS - Nuvelink enables automated provisioning and resell of services available under AWS or Amazon Web Services. Billing Automation and Provisioning.

Cloud Manager (AWS) - WHMCS.Community

We built a Cloud Management add-on so you can manage servers in your AWS cloud and provide access to your customers so that they too can manage them through...

WHMCS and Amazon Web Services : webhosting

Has anyone had success setting up multi-site hosting on AWS that integrates well with WHMCS? I've got about 120 sites spread across dedicated...

Multi-site management of AWS through WHMCS | Web Hosting Talk

Multi-site management of AWS through WHMCS - So I'm looking for recommendations and best practices. I'm considering moving the bulk of my hosting clients to AWS/EC2, but want to automate site man

Amazon Route 53 - Whmcs Global Services

About Amazon Route 53 FOR WHMCS. You can now purchase a new domain name or transfer the management of your existing domain name to Route 53. When you purchase new domains via Route 53, the service will automatically configure a Hosted Zone for each domain. Route 53 offers privacy protection for your WHOIS record at no additional charge.