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Customer Emailed Questions, cloudy water, ozonator ...

From: Sandra - Ozonator troubles Hi, I just got my spa last week, the water is already cloudy, I can't get the ph right. I was told to add just 1 ...

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Buy TheraBreath - Ozonator - Anti-Bacterial - Dentist Formulated - Homemade Sterilizing Agent - Safe to Use - Affordable Ozone Generator on Amazon.com FREE ...

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We are manufacturers of quality Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser, Beck Zapper, Ionic-Colloidal Silver Generator, Water Ozone Generator , and our unique BMC-03 3 in ...

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Formed in 1975, Komal has steadily grown to become one of the leaders in the field of water purification. The company consists of multidisciplinary teams ...

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Frequently Asked Questions. Please see below. You may very well find the solutions you are looking for as well as new ideas that could come in handy later.

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O 3 zone Chip Our new chip technology ozonator produces up to 20% more ozone than comparable models. A lower power draw represents a substantial savings ...

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