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Vegan Food & Living Magazine - Vegan Magazine

Sainsbury’s supermarket releases vegan spicy pulled jackfruit wrap. UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has added a new vegan product to its ‘grab-and ...

Vegan Magazine — Vegan recipes, health news, diet ...

LA Hottest DJ, Valida, on Music, Being Vegan, Bunnies and The Vegan Prom. LA KCRW DJ, Valida, joins Awesome Vegans host, Elysabeth Alfano, in her kitchen to dish on music, how she came to be vegan, bunnies, Earthlings and spinning for The Humane League’s Vegan Prom.

Vegetarian Magazines for All Veggie Lovers

The Vegan Magazine is an incredibly informative publication that covers news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and—of course—healthy and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegetarian celebs, and summer festivals. Just for fun, there's often a comics and crossword section.

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‘Best Vegan-Friendly Magazine’ The award winning Vegan Society charity magazine The Vegan provides members and subscribers with updates, ideas, motivation and resources four times a year.

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4 Fascinating Must-Read Vegan Magazines

Published four times a year and costing about $30, this publication will bring you all the industry essentials. You’ll have access to healthy, delicious ...

Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine | Go Vegan. Get Fit.

I used to think that eating healthily meant depriving yourself of your favorite foods, which is why I never got into the whole health-food craze.

This is | Vegan Good Life Magazine

The very best in vegan fashion, travel, lifestyle, art & design: The Vegan Good Life journal is the highly curated digital counterpart to your favorite coffee table print collectable.

Cook Vegan Magazine

Cook Vegan Magazine

VegNews Magazine | Vegan Recipes, Food, News, Travel ...

VegNews is an award-winning vegan magazine and website packed with recipes, travel, news, food, reviews, and so much more.