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Keyspan High Speed USB to Serial Adapter (USA-19HS ...

The USA-19HS Keyspan® High-Speed USB-to-Serial Adapter allows you to connect a serial device to a computer or laptop with a USB Type-A port

Keyspan USA-19hs

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Convert older display cables to the newest technology and control presentations remotely in classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums.


View and Download Tripp Lite USA-19HS owner's manual online. Owner's Manual for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.X USA-19HS USB Serial Adapter 933020. USA-19HS Accessories ...


View and Download Tripp Lite USA-19HS user manual online. Owner's Manual for Windows v3.4 USA-19HS USB Serial Adapter 933022. USA-19HS Accessories pdf ...

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3 Back to Top Serial-to-USB Adapter How-To Guide Overview With so many new computers lacking 9 PIN serial ports, Topaz has conducted ...

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