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Unagi (jap. 鰻, dt. Aal) ist ... Dann wird er mit einer speziellen, süßen, braunen Sauce, einer Art Teriyaki-Sauce, mariniert und ein zweites Mal gegrillt.

Eel Sauce Recipe - Allrecipes.com

"Also called Nitsume, Unagi or Kabayaki. It is a sweet and salty sauce that goes great over grilled fish or chicken and is a common drizzle over sushi. Traditionally it is used on Japanese grilled eel and eel rolls. I also use this sauce over fresh cooked noodles for a quick snack.

Unagi sauce - Make my Sushi

Word from the author: "What is Unagi sauce?Unagi sauce is a type of thick and sweetened sauce, based on soy sauces. It is used in different Japanese dishes that contains BBQed eel. It can be used when grilling eel, on top of an eel roll or nigiri.

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Entdecke und sammle Ideen zu Unagi sauce auf Pinterest. | Weitere Ideen zu hausgemachte Sushi, Sushi-Sauce und Sushi rollen.

Homemade Unagi Sauce ウナギのたれ • Just One Cookbook

Sweet and flavorful homemade unagi sauce recipe, just need soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. This sauce is commonly used for Unagi Don (Unadon/Unaju).

Unagi Sauce Recipe - Perfect Glazing For Unagi Rolls

One of the very popular sauce, this thick, sweet, and flavorful Unagi sauce (also called eel kabayaki sauce) is simply made from soy sauce and mirin. The brewing/cooking process was so simple that it would take only 20 minutes max with 1 pot.

Unagi - Wikipedia

Unagi is served as part of unadon (sometimes spelled unagidon, especially in menus in Japanese restaurants in Western countries), a donburi dish with sliced eel served on a bed of rice. A kind of sweet biscuit called unagi pie made with powdered unagi also exists. Unagi is high in protein, vitamin A, and calcium.

Unagi Sauce (Eel Sauce) • Japanese Pantry • Just One Cookbook

Unagi Sauce is a thick sweetened sauce, made of soy sauce, mirin, sugar and sake. Pour over grilled unagi (eel) or other choice of proteins.

Kabayaki Sauce Recipe for Fish - The Spruce

In Japan, kabayaki is a common way to cook fish, especially eel (unagi). The preparation entails butterflying, gutting and deboning the fish, and then cutting the fillets into pieces to be threaded onto skewers. The fish pieces are dipped into a sweet soy sauce-based glaze, called kabayaki sauce, which is very similar to teriyaki sauce.

Kabayaki - Wikipedia

Kabayaki (蒲焼) is a preparation of fish, especially unagi eel, where the fish is split down the back (or belly), gutted and boned, butterflied, cut into square fillets, skewered, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being broiled on a grill.