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Ultradot USA -- Matchdot II

The Matchdot II is part of the New Ultradot 6 Series. It picks up where the Original Matchdot left off. Built for serious competitors, the new and improved ...

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Ultradot USA is the distributor of Ultradot Sights and Microdot Scopes. We manufacture the worlds best red dot aiming systems.

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With my vision problems I've been wondering if a 2x red dot sight would be of some help. One of the cheapest out there is by TruGlo. It's gotten mixed

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The best .22 target pistols . Gun Tips by Donald K. Burleson October 2010

NEW OPTIC: MeoRed T Reflex Sight from Meopta - The Firearm ...

And the reason I should choose this one over, say, UltraDot Matchdot II is….oh, wait, there is no reason! It still puzzles me why there are so ...


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