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Learn how to recycle old seamless t-shirts into T-shirt yarn. The T shirt yarn is perfect to crochet and knit into basket, bag, rug, scarf etc....

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New! T-Shirt yarn- Ideal for knitting & Crochet & Homeware projects. R60.00 per Kg. Crochet Hooks – Wooden – Sizes 12mm-14mm-16mm & 19mm now in stock ...

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[…] costs while in grad school I started turning Hawkeye and my extra t-shirts into t-shirt yarn, aka tarn, and crochet granny squares. This month I did ...

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This unique yarn has a t-shirt look and feel and works up quickly! Perfect for making items such as bags, rugs and coasters.

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Thin Trapillo yarn (1 cm. or less) is the one for knitting and crochet handbags and purses. You need to have a very thin yarn to get a light garment ...