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"The Master Blaster T Shirt Launcher is one of the most innovative marketing tools that a promotions team can use. Not only is it attractive to look at for ...

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JJSporting J & J Multi Launcher, T - Shirt cannon, PM 2.6 68 Cu In with bottomline. 2.6 fits tennis balls and shirts - Aluminum tank and Aluminum barrel ...

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Shoot t-shirts and other objects long distances with this air powered cannon! Check out my other vids: http://kipkay.com Detailed Instructions ...

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T shirt cannon toy launcher, safer aluminum design, PM3 54 C.I. Air/CO2 100' ft

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The best selection of Shirt Launchers and T-shirt Cannons. From slingshots to huge air powered cannons and launchers. The best selection of t-shirt cannons ...

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Students are challenged to find a way to get school t-shirts up into the stands during sporting events. They work with a real client (if possible, such as ...

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Amazon.com : J & J Multi Launcher, Tennis ball launcher / T-Shirt gun PM2.6 54 Cu In aluminum chamber. Reusable, refillable, refillable, with Universal ...

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Everybody has wanted to build a B.F.G. This time it was my turn, so i built a T-shirt cannon to blow the minds of crazed fans and students

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