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Your Money-back Satisfaction Guaranteed! Now with FREE SHIPPING. LIGHT WEIGHT. Made of injection molded plastic, it is the lightest holder of it's kind.

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Fortunately, there are instructions included to make the square fit. It says to shave the inner edge of the holder with a knife until your square fits. I did this, as well as using sand paper. However, any square will be tight when inserted all the way. There is a wedge inside the holder that causes the square to fit tighter the further you insert it.

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5. Built into the square are several scribing notches, which provide a fast, easy way to mark layout lines or cutlines onto lumber.[BR] 6. The perfect 90-degree corner of the Speed Square can be used to determine whether two boards form a precise right angle.[BR] 7. To keep the square close at hand, hang it on your tool belt with a hook or get a specially designed Speed Square pouch.[BR] 8.

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Never drop your Rafter Square again! Anyone who has ever worked with a Speed Square® knows this problem due to the triangular shape. It never fits in your belt or pocket. Even worse, it falls out! We now have the solution! Simple, Lightweight and Easy to Use; Holds a 7″ Rafter Square. Square quickly slides in and out.

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This is a review video of Hans Dohm's Invention. The Speed Square Holder. It is a great product. I have used it and it is a work of art. Thanks ...

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The Speed Square holder is great when all you need is your square and a few other items. Ideal for inside jobs when a large belt is too much. Makes taki...

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.Since seeing Tom Silva's speed square holder hanging from his toolbelt many years ago I always wanted to find one like it for myself. Most of the ones ...

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If you find yourself using a speed square a lot, consider making this simple holster from a piece of square PVC. ... How to Make a Speed Square Holster.

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6. The perfect 90-degree corner of the Speed Square can be used to determine whether two boards form a precise right angle. 7. To keep the square close at hand, hang it on your tool belt with a hook or get a specially designed Speed Square pouch. 8. You can also custom-make your own Speed Square holder from a PVC baluster. 9.