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8. To take food out of the oven, open up the lid of the pizza box, and using oven mitts or potholders, lift the glass dish out of the oven. What Happened: The heat from the sun is trapped inside of your pizza box solar oven, and it starts getting very hot. Ovens like this one are called collector boxes, because they collect the sunlight inside.

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Learn how to solar cook with the premiere Solar Cooking Oven - The Global Sun Oven

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Everything you need to know about solar ovens, sun ovens and solar cooking! Check out our recipes, the SOS Solar Sport Oven and solar cooking accessories. - Best Solar Ovens and Solar Cookers

The GoSun Go™ is our most portable and most affordale solar oven yet. Fast, reliable and fuel-free weighing in at 2 lbs (0.9 kg), endless fuel included. Use More Sun.

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Lightweight solar ovens are effective almost anywhere you can get direct sunlight, but you can't set the temperature and determine cooking times as surely as you can in a conventional oven. Make sure food is cooked to the recommended temperature by using a meat thermometer.

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Solar Ovens and Parabolic Cookers Cook Outdoors Using the Free Power and Energy of the Sun

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In my Engineering class, my teacher told us that we had to invent or modify something and post it on the Instructables web site. I looked at three or four ...

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Cooking time is about twice as long as in a conventional oven. Preheating takes about 30 minutes. Use bigger boxes for a larger oven. A small pizza box oven is good for kids to make s'mores or mini-pizzas.

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Different kinds of solar cookers use somewhat different methods of cooking, but most follow the same basic principles. Food is prepared as if for an oven ...

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Other Solar Ovens. There are lots of ways to make a solar oven. Some solar ovens do not work like a greenhouse, but instead have so many reflectors that much more sunlight is directed at the food.