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Has Anyone found a wireless headset that works with Shoretel Connect. We have Tried the Jabra Pro 930 and the Plantronic Savi 400 series. both have been disaster for our remote users. One Way audio, headset not connecting, hook button not working or dropping the call. shoretel headsets

ShoreTel Compatible Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset Bundle with Electronic Remote Answer|End and Ring alert (EHS) for ShoreTel IP Phones: 100, 212 ...

ShoreTel Phone Headset | Headset for ShoreTel Phone ...

Our ShoreTel phone headsets connect directly to your ShoreTel phone's headset jack, without requiring an amplifier. This simplifies the unit's construction while keeping sound quality superb. Designed specifically for compatible ShoreTel models, you can activate your ShoreTel headset via the phone's headset button.

ShoreTel Headsets - Everything You Need to Know for ...

Headsets for ShoreTel Phones. ShoreTel is a leading telephone company and has done an excellent job integrating telephone headset usage into their complete line of IP telephones.

Certified ShoreTel (Mitel) IP Phone Compatible Headsets

These headsets include the GN1200 smart cable (setting position 7) for your ShoreTel phones. Wireless Headsets: Both Plantronics and Jabra/GN Netcom wireless headsets are compatible with your ShoreTel IP phones. Below are just some of our staff picked headsets for your ShoreTel Phone. shoretel headsets: Electronics

ShoreTel Compatible Plantronics CS540 VoIP Wireless Headset Bundle with Electronic Remote Answer|End and Ring alert (EHS) for ShoreTel IP Phones: 100, 212 ...

Headsets for Shoretel Telephones

Since 1998, Headsets Connect has been supplying Call Center Grade corded phone headsets, wireless headsets, headset telephones and a wide range of headset accessories to accommodate Medical, Insurance, Financial offices and large Call Centers environments offering you value, comfort, flexibility and increased productivity in your day to day business.

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HeadsetExperts - Headsets Distributor since 1982 specializing in Headsets, Plantronics Headsets, Wireless Headsets, Phones.

Wireless headset for ShoreTel phones with RJ9 headset jack ...

Our ShoreTel phones use the same style DB9 for the headset connection as the handset. Some of the managers in our call centers have aske... | 9 replies | VoIP

ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide

Selecting a Headset Type ... This book is intended for those who use the ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g in a ShoreTel ... ShoreTel IP Phone 480/480g User Guide ...