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Basic Shoji Paper MORE Traditional paper for shoji screens, lanterns and lamp shades. Cloud dragon, Bamboo, Pine, Maple.

MIYA SHOJI – Japanese shoji screen partition dividers ...

View Larger Map. Miya Shoji is a high-end furniture store that follows a very straightforward aesthetic philosophy: the works of nature and aging are more ...

Creating a Shoji Screen |

The Shoji screen remains one of the most popular items in Japanese style décor. Originating during the third century, the screens have folding panels made ...

Shoji Screen Closet Doors: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Traditional Shoji are made from a variety of woods - most of which are expensive and pretty hard to find in the sizes you would need to make screens like ... What is Shoji?

When you hear the word 'shoji' (pronounce 'show-jee'), probably many people here in the U.S. imagine a freestanding wood frame screen with translucent ...

the Screen Room - Home

What sets us apart. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are true Artisans, we take great pride in every screen we make, everything is made ...

Custom Japanese Shoji Screens - Shoji Designs

US distributor of Warlon shoji paper Japan . Welcome to Shoji Designs Inc. where craftsmanship and tradition are blended in the creation of shoji of the ...

Custom Shoji Screens by Bush Woodcraft - Home

Makers of shoji and shojiesque screens from wood and paper. Seattle, Washington.

Tatami Room - Japanese Furniture

Specializing in home furnishings. Includes shoji screens, tatami mats, platform beds, garden stone lanterns and paper lamps.

6 ft. Tall Double Cross Shoji Screen 5 Panels - Oriental ...

Find product information, ratings and reviews for 6 ft. Tall Double Cross Shoji Screen 5 Panels - Oriental Furniture online on