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Santa Fe Compact2 Dehumidifier - Therma-Stor

The Santa Fe Compact2 is a freestanding dehumidifier that provides moisture control for large areas. The Santa Fe Compact2 features superior real world ...

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier - Therma-Stor

The Santa Fe Classic ultra efficient dehumidifier controls humidity and reduces musty odors, featuring high-capacity moisture removal and low-temperature ...

Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifier Review

The Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifier is made in the USA and purpose designed for a medium sized crawl space. Read my review of this outstanding model.

Santa Fe Classic Basement & Whole House Dehumidifier (4029700)

Comments about Thermastor Santa Fe Classic Basement & Whole House Dehumidifier (4029700): We recently purchased a home with a 2,100sf finished basement.

Santa Fe Dehumidifier Comparison Whole House Basement ...

Santa Fe Compact 2 Highlights: New from Santa Fe, this compact powerful machine offers a low-clearance design (less than 12”) and is perfect for ...

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How to Drain a Dehumidifier Automatically | Sylvane - YouTube There are 3 main ways to drain a dehumidifier: manually, using a gravity drain, or through a condensate pump. Dalton from ...

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