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Ruffwear Dog Collars - Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear

Ruffwear dog collars, strong, durable, long-lasting, from the leader in performance dog gear.

Performance Dog Gear | Ruffwear

Building dog gear to enhance your outdoor adventures. Trail tested & rugged dog boots, dog coats, dog harnesses, dog life jackets and much more.

Ruffwear | Dog Collars - Waterproof, reflective & durable ...

Dog Collars. From waterproof to reflective, our Ruffwear dog collars are available in our signature colours, designed to fit any dog of any size. All of our dog collars come with easy attachments for your Ruffwear dog leashes and leads, allowing your dog to go from walk to play in one easy step.

Dog Collars | Durable, Secure & Reflective | Ruffwear

Dog collars in dozens of patterns. Durable, colorful nylon and leather options with custom hardware for everyday use. Inspired by the outdoors and your ... ruffwear collars

ruffwear top rope strong reflective collar & slackline leash combo ♦ waist worn or hand held adjustable leash ♦ all sizes and colors (medium, purple dusk)

Headwater™ Collar - Ruffwear | Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear

The Headwater Collar from Ruffwear is the go-to collar for wet and dirty environments. The coated webbing is waterproof, stink-proof, and easy to clean – solving the wet, stinky collar problem. The all-metal Crux Buckle is our take on the classic equine Conway buckle, offering durability and security in an efficient design.

Ruffwear | Performance Dog Gear UK | K9active

The ultimate in Dog wear and toys. Ruffwear provide a range of clothing, bowls, back packs, collars, leads & dog toys - full range available here at K9Active.

Ruffwear Dog Collars and Leashes

Meet the dogs, and their humans, that push our gear to the limits and inspire us to do better.

Ruffwear Dog Collars order now at Woofshack UK

Ruffwear dog collars have been tested several times (not only by Ruffwear themselves but also by us): They are a perfect and durable fit for shared tours on fields, meadows and through the forest. US manufacturer Ruffwear offers a broad range of stylish high-quality products which meet all standards.

Hoopie Dog Collar. A hard wearing robust Collar from Ruffwear.

The Hoopie Collar will stay put and shiny new despite the activities that your dog puts it through. With an easy release side buckle, specific ID attachment point that features easy tag add-on or removal, via the unique split ring and even reduced tag jingle with Ruffwear's tag silencer. This is one of the best collars on the market today.