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How to Replace Your iPhone 6 Plus Battery Without Apple's Help

If you’re still using an iPhone 6 Plus, chances are your battery life is pretty terrible. The lithium batteries that power almost all our technology wear down over time, leaving most people with three options: replace the battery, buy a new device, or suffer.

How To Replace The iPhone 6's Battery - Forbes

The iPhone 6 is a great smartphone, although I'm sure I'm not alone in my desire for a longer-lasting battery. Thankfully, there are a number of battery cases out there (see my roundup of iPhone 6 battery cases here), that can boost battery life.

Apple won’t replace your old iPhone 6 Plus battery until ...

When Apple promised to replace old iPhone batteries for $29 after its slowdown debacle, there was always going to be a queue for new parts. Well, for owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, the queue will likely be a bit longer than expected. According to internal documents seen by MacRumors, Apple won’t ...

Can i replace iPhone 6 battery with iPhone 6s battery?

Will my insurance cover battery replace my for my iPhone 6 plus? I have Verizon and I have the 11.99 insurance, unless I read over it I didn't see anything about it.

iPhone 6 Plus Release date, Specs, Features, News, Tips ...

Everything you need to know about the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus such as the release date, tech specs, new features, news, tips & tricks and lots more.

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement - iFixit

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement: Replace the battery in an iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus Teardown - iFixit

iPhone 6 Plus Teardown: iPhone 6 Plus Teardown on September 18, 2014.

iPhone Battery & Power - Official Apple Support

Does your iPhone battery drain too quickly? Find service options and tips to extend the battery life of your iPhone.

Don't Get An iPhone 7: Just Replace Your iPhone 5 Or ...

How to replace your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 battery to make it last longer

Apple to Replace iPhone 6 or Later Batteries Regardless of ...

Apple originally stated it would launch its iPhone 6 or later battery replacement program in January 2018, but the program launched earlier than expected.. Now, it appears Apple has decided to replace batteries in iPhones regardless of whether their device passed a Genius Bar or remote diagnostic test, as confirmed to MacRumors: