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How to Remove Ear Wax , Removal Kit & Home Remedies

Ear wax (cerumen) is a natural part of our body. It prevents microscopic objects (lint, dust, viruses, etc.) from entering the ear canal. There are safe ...

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How to Remove Ear Wax Plugs. Every person has wax, which is also called cerumen, in her ears. However, you may be experiencing a sense of fullness ...

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Excess ear wax can cause a wide range of issues including pain, infection, and a loss of hearing. So here are 7 effective remedies to clean out your ear.

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Ear candling is a common therapeutic practice. However, it can be dangerous. Click here to learn about safer ways to remove ear wax.

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by Timothy C. Hain, MD Last edited 10/2012 What is Ear Wax? What Can Go Wrong With Too Much Ear Wax? How is Problematic Ear Wax Treated? Ear Wax Maintenance

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If you don’t remove ear wax correctly, it can make the ear wax problem worse and increase your risk of infections. Learn here how to remove ear wax at home.

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Debrox® ear wax drops are the best and safest way to remove ear wax. No other ear cleaner works better.

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Find out how to clean your ears! We've got advice on the proper way to clean your ears, the various tools you can use to get rid of excess ear wax and more.

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Ear wax serves an important purpose; it protects the ear canal from bugs, dirt, debris and bacteria. In most cases, the ear cleans itself and ear wax...

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Everyone has ear wax, and usually this sticky substance is a good thing. It can catch debris or bacteria that enters the ear and prevent infections....