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Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply. The official and recommended universal micro USB power supply. Buy now or buy for business

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This simple guide will take you through the process of installing a WiFi USB dongle into your raspberry PI.

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Do you want a separate WiFi network for your guests? or would you like to have network running an alternative DNS configuration in your house? You no ...

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A Raspberry Pi WiFi Extender is a cheap and power efficient way of increasing the total range of your WiFi Network by just using two Wi-Fi adaptors.

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Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Miniature WiFi Module - Official Raspberry Pi Edition ID: 2638 - This cute little dongle is ...

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A Raspberry Pi WiFi bridge is one of the best ways of providing internet access to a device that only supports an Ethernet connection.

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When I was thinking of buying Raspberry Pi few months ago, I was also about to buy 3G router/AP. When I learned what RPi is, and I saw people trying to ...