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SNES Classic Mini Preorder Guide - IGN

Super NES Classic pre-orders going live VERY soon.


Today was a crazy day. This was the very first day for the snes classic preorder and we don't know if more preorders will come available or are ...

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Consoles Nintendo: SNES Classic preorder mess wasn't all our fault. Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimé says last month's preordering issues ...

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SNES Classic Edition sold out on its release day, as expected, but we're keeping track of how and when you can buy one post-launch.

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Walmart set its SNES Classic Edition preorder page live last night at around 11:30 p.m. Eastern. Walmart started taking orders for the Super Nintendo Mini ...

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The Super Nintendo Classic is here! Choose from over twenty classic games. Relive the golden age of gaming in the palm of your hand. Buy It From GameStop!

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Nothing about the way Nintendo is handling preorders for the Super NES Classic Edition is consumer-friendly.

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After listing the Super NES Classic Edition as available for preorder over the weekend, Walmart has been emailing customers to inform them their ...

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This is when, where and for how much you can find Nintendo's Super NES Classic, including preorder information.

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Nintendo has a fiasco on its hands with the new Super Nintendo Classic