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28mm gaming miniatures. Fully hand-painted. Made in lead-free pewter. Designed for use with Combat Zone and also ideally suited for use with any other near ...

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I'll start by just saying I'm not really into cleaning, assembling, gluing and painting miniatures. I've always found it unappealing, and tend to see it ...

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ACW 55007 American Civil War/18th-19th Century The Bryan House - Barn, Gettysburg, 1 Piece 28mm Hand-Painted Resin, Fully Assembled Accessory

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Source for plastic pre-painted minis? submitted 3 years ago by Kraekus. I'm ramping up my mini collection and have fallen in love with plastics. I have ... Prepainted Miniatures Set (4) Pathfinder: Toys ...

Wow! These little figures are far and away the best pre-painted figures I have even seen. The detail is quite amazing- Kyra's cloak even has the gold ...

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