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An introduction to orgone energy technology based on the orgone energy generator, theories, uses, the new Orgone Generators

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History. The concept of orgone belongs to Reich's later work, after he immigrated to the US. Reich's early work was based on the Freudian concept of the ...

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World Leader in Life Force Technology. The Site of Karl Hans Welz Inventor of the Orgone Generator®, the generator of bio energy, chi energy, prana, or ...

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Inventor of orgonite | Introduction to orgonite, radionics, and life force boosted mind machines technology based on orgone and radionics, theories, uses ...

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Buy ZZYBIA Metatron's Cube Merkaba 7 chakras w/Crystals Stones Orgone Pendant Generator Energy Accumulator EMF protection 2.25 inch on FREE ...

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How to make a Frequency Generator: On cloud busters Fredbuster created a wonder tutorial for getting started and building your own Zapper. Fredbusters ... Shungite Orgone Generator Pocket Size EMF ...

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Bestsellers. 1) 12 Towerbusters . 2) Sensei pendant. 3) Sensei pendant black. 4) Orgone nano shield. 5) Succor Punch with attached 15 hz frequency generator

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Fight back against aliens, UFOs and Chemtrails! Our Orgone Blasters have multiple uses and can protect you against chemtrails, aliens, abductions, the ...

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