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Find the Best Scopes for Muzzleloaders in 2017. Read our comparison of the top 8 best muzzleloader scope to get the best scope for the money!

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Photo by tmib_seattle / CC BY Muzzleloading rifles have exploded in popularity with the rise of dedicated hunting seasons and an appreciation for simpler ways.

Scopes during muzzleloader season passes Minnesota ...

The final 2017 Environment bill, which Gov. Mark Dayton likely will sign, includes a provision to allow scopes during the blackpowder season.

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Select easy to adjust black powder rifle scopes and muzzleloading rifle scopes from Cabela's that are waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.

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SINCE 1974, MUZZLELOADER has been the leading magazine devoted to traditional black powder hunting and shooting. No in-lines, no scopes and no break-open ...

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R & P Muzzleloading is your source for the best muzzleloader supplies and accessories. Improve your shooting accuracy with our black powder bullets today!

Weaver - Scope Mounting Base - Muzzleloader Bases

Muzzleloader Bases. For more than 75 years, Weaver has been keeping scopes on firearms and hunters on target. 100% rugged service, 100% of the time.


GUNS AND SHOOTING ONLINE Muzzleloader and Black Powder Information. Part of "The Definitive Firearms Site"

Muzzleloader Integral Mount System - Weaver Optics

Get the legendary holding power of Weaver for your muzzleloader. These ring & base sets features lightweight aluminum for strength and weight reduction.

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Muzzleloading has steadily grown in popularity since the 1970s. This has led to the increase in demand for muzzleloader rifles and their accessories.