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Love me some moscow mule. For St. Patty's day, we went all out and got some copper mugs recommended by our bartender friend. Its by Purists Only, just ...

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Try this recipe for a Moscow Mule, which makes a great drink for any camping trip.

Easy Moscow Mule Recipe - How to Make a Moscow Mule Cocktail

Learn how to make one to best drinks around; the Moscow Mule. With Vodka, lime and ginger beer - trends aside, this one's a keeper.

Official Moscow Mule Recipe - How To Make Moscow Mule

Learn how to make Moscow Mule with ginger beer and get recipe of other forms of Moscow Mule drink.

Moscow Mule recipe

A delicious recipe for Moscow Mule, with Smirnoff® No. 21 Vodka , lime juice and ginger ale. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe -

The slightly spicy ginger flavor makes this a great winter warming cocktail, while the lime makes the Moscow Mule just as sublime in summertime.

Moscow Mule Recipe | Serious Eats

The story goes that in 1941, in an effort to market the then-exotic Russian spirit, executives from Heublein—then owners of Smirnoff vodka—collaborated ...

Moscow Mule - America's Most Popular Vodka & Ginger Based ...

The authority site to find the very best, mouth-watering Moscow Mule recipes when looking outside the classic vodka, ginger beer, lime and copper mug.

Simple Moscow Mule Recipe -

Made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice, the refreshing taste of a Moscow mule cocktail can't be beat!

Moscow Mule Recipe - Ginger Beer, Vodka, Simple Syrup & Lime

As the caretakers of the original Moscow Mule recipe and copper mugs, we're happy to be able to share the same exact recipe that was used on the day that t