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Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw description

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New Milwaukee M12 Fuel Circular Saw (YES!) - ToolGuyd

If I had to put together a list of tools that readers and users had been asking Milwaukee to come out with for their M12 Li-ion compact tool platform, a ...

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Shop Milwaukee circular saws. CPO Milwaukee is your source for the largest selection of Milwaukee circular saws.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Metal-Cutting Circular Saw (2782)

Milwaukee has come out with a new M18 Fuel metal-cutting circular saw that they’re saying is the industry’s fastest. The new brushless metal-cutting ...

M18 FUEL Metal Cutting Circular Saw | Milwaukee Tool

The M18 FUEL™ 5-3/8" – 5-7/8” Metal Saw delivers the fastest cuts with the longest tool life and up to 370 cuts in ¾” EMT.

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Shop Milwaukee saws. CPO Milwaukee is your source for the largest selection of Milwaukee saws.

18V 7-1/4” Circular Saw | Milwaukee Tool

The M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4” Circular Saw Cuts Faster and Weighs up to 40% less than corded saws while delivering up to 300 cuts per charge. Utilizing a ...

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Milwaukee has a knack for turning hand tools into M12 tools. Here's the latest example - the M12 Staple Gun. Search model number 2447 at ...

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The Rockwell Wood Plung Saw is a powerful, ultra-compact circular saw. With the Plunge saw, you can tackle the job with ease, comfort, control and with ...

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Milwaukee Cordless 12V M12 Fuel 5-3/8 in. Circular Saw (Bare) 2530-80 Refurb