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Direct from Manufacturer. Irish Made Claddagh Rings at the Lowest Prices, Best Quality! Claddagh Ring made in IRELAND. Silver, gold, Claddagh’s.

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Claddagh Wedding Rings. The first Claddagh Ring was designed by a captive goldsmith, pining for his sweetheart in Ireland. When he was released and offered ...

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This Irish and Celtic inspired spin on our Caged Hearts Ring is full of meaning and love! The three-dimensional heart, with Celtic detailing features heart ...

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Claddagh Rings in Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum. Claddagh Jewellers - Makers of the Authentic Claddagh Ring™. 100% Irish.

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This women's Claddagh wedding ring is crafted from the finest Sterling silver. The Claddagh design is inset into the band, giving it a more solid appeal.