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LUTH-AR - Home of the MBA (Modular Buttstock Assembly)

Luth-AR MBA-3 Carbine Stock AR15 AR-15 Collapsible AR10

Fully Adjustable Carbine Buttstock assembly to mount to a carbine rifle (6-positions mil-spec or commercial tube) – This is our carbine stock.Luth-AR MBA ...

Luth AR MBA-1 Adjustable Rifle Stock AR15, AR10 Stock

The Luth AR MBA-1 is one of the most comfortable adjustable stocks around at a great price

AR Buttstock Rail for LUTH-AR Stocks

The AR Buttstock Rail is a Picatinny rail designed to mount at the sling attachment point on the underside of LUTH-AR MBA-1 and MBA-2 stocks. This ...

AR -15 Stock Assembly Parts - Cheaper Than Dirt

We have a full selection of receiver extensions, buffers, castle nuts, buffer springs, locking plates and much more in stock, ready to ship at the best prices.

AR-15|AR15 Fixed Stock - Cheaper Than Dirt

If you are looking for a fixed stock for your AR-15 we have all the best options ready to ship like the traditional M16 A2 stock or the high tech Magpul PRS.

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AR-10 Stocks, Buffers, Buffer Tubes and Kits ... Armaspec Tactical Advantage XPDW™ AR15/10 Stock - Black $ 139.99 Sold Out

New AR-15 Stock by Modular Driven Technologies - The ...

Modular Driven Technologies has introduced a new AR-15 stock called Skeleton Carbine Stock (SCS). The stock is designed to provide a wide range ...

AR-15 Castle Stock Lock Ring Nut -

Extention lock nut, also known as the castle lock nut ensures a tight fit of you extension

Upgrading/Replacing a PSA AR10 Stock - Out of Battery

Just shot mine yesterday and a word of advice to those running the Luth stock: tightening down the extendable shoulder pad good. I didn’t have it snugged ...