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The Knuckle and Rule Joints with David Charlesworth. Featured Tools. No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane $245.00

Lie-Nielsen Hand planes - Craftsman Studio

Lie-Nielsen Hand Planes are heirloom quality tools made in Warren ME. Each plane is manufactured to the highest standards and ready to use out of the box. Each plane has blades made of A2 steel which holds a blade longer.

Lie-Nielsen Planes - Classic Hand Tools

Lie Nielsen Block Planes 101 Violin Maker's Plane, 100 1/2 convex sole block plane, 100 model makers, 102/103 block planes, 9 1/2 & 60 1/2 adjustable mouth ... lie nielsen plane

BAYM Iron Hand Plane Tenon Saw Planer Woodworking Plane Metal Western Plane High-grade Copper Plate Plane 20 degree Low Angle Block Bench Plane Shoulder Plane

Lie - Nielsen Toolworks Authorized Dealer - Craftsman Studio

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is a small company in Warren, Maine which produces many of the finest woodworking hand tools available. The founder, Thomas Lie-Nielsen takes the finest traditional designs of historical US and European makers, then adapts them to his products.

Lie-Nielsen – Planes – Tools

LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS began in 1981 as an effort to make top-quality hand tools and to revive discontinued, but useful, designs so the average woodworker ...

Lie-Nielsen Hand Planes - Highland Woodworking

Lie Nielsen's collection of bench planes, arguably the most beautiful ever made, is the most complete currently in production, from the magnificent No. 8 Jointer plane to the irresistible No. 1. Lie Nielsen also makes the largest collection of block planes available in more than fifty years. Lie Nielsen planes are ready to go right out of the box. If you are a Lie Nielsen enthusiast be sure to follow our Hand Plane Fundamentals Series published Lee Laird.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - Wikipedia

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc. is a family-owned business, established in 1981 and based in Warren, Maine. It manufactures a range of high quality hand tools, primarily for woodworking, based on traditional designs. It is best known for its hand planes.

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