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Leviton Structured Media enclosures provide a convenient termination location for wiring home runs from wall outlets, creating a distribution point for ...

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Leviton offers four enclosure sizes — 14″, 21″, 28″, and 42″ — that address different capacities and provide expandable functionality for ...

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SMC Structured Media Enclosure with Cover, 14-Inch, White, 47605-140

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Structured Media Enclosures » These versatile enclosures allow you to manage and distribute a full range of voice, data networking, audio, and video ...

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Leviton’s Structured Media enclosure provides a centralized hub for the distribution of all of a home’s networking systems, providing homeowners with a ...

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SMC Structured Media Enclosure with Cover, 14-Inch, White, 47605-140

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Product Features Fits easily into Leviton Structured Media enclosure, or as a stand-alone module

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I am installing a 47605-28N SMC 28-Inch enclosure with the 47612-28B extender bracket and the 47605-28P hinged cover with trim ring. Before I start putting ...

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Welcome to the Leviton Blog > Network Solutions > Choosing the Right Size Structured Media® Enclosure section of the Leviton Blogsite. This section has ...