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The ASPs share many of the features of the Gen 2 pants, but are designed for warm weather and are optimized for breathability. They are constructed of a breathable 6.5 oz. 50/50 ny/co Ripstop. This fabric has a great balance of breathability and durability.

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Kitanica is in relentless pursuit of designing and manufacturing uber-functional gear made in the USA.

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Since made in the USA with a lot of labor necessary to create, the Kitanica All Season Pants are certainly not cheap when it comes to price, but like many item types, nice things cost money. If looking for a durable pair of pants that are very feature rich, these All Season Pants are certainly worth looking into.

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Information about Pants Kitanica All-Season black. The all-season pants from Kitanica are the lighter version of the second generation pants. They are breathable and suitable through the materials used very well for warmer temperatures. Buttocks and knees are extra reinforced because these areas are usually impacted harder outdoors.

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Kitanica ASPs share many of the features of their Gen 2 pants, but are designed for warm weather and are optimized for breathability. They are constructed ...

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Kitanica All-Season Pant (ASP) Tactical | Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Men's Clothing, Pants | eBay!

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Shot Show 2017 - Kitanica Tactical, Everyday Clothing: US Made, Top Craftsmanship, Lots of Function - Duration: 10:25. EverydayTacticalVids ...

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Pants Kitanica All-Season khaki. 299,00 EUR. in stock. Pants Kitanica Brush coyote. 169,00 EUR. in stock. ... ASMC main catalog... 0,00 EUR 4. Shemag olive ...

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Just received today a pair of the Kitanica All Season Pants in Multicam Black. I have to admit the Multicam Black has grown on me. The pants are simply stunning. I’m a bit of a Kitanica fanboy mainly because their pants fit my frame almost tailored. These are my first pair of utility pants from Kitanica so be on the lookout for a full review soon.


KITANICA The most durable clothes designed for heaviest use...