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For those that want a brighter tone but a smooth feel, Alloy 52™ is wrapped around a core wire and then micro-ground to a smooth, finished feel.


Brite Flats™ are kind to your frets and easy on the fingers. The wrap wire is built up with multiple layers and then micro-ground to exact gauge and smoothness.

GHS Electric Guitar - Brite Flats (Ground Roundwound ...

GHS Electric Guitar - Brite Flats (Ground Roundwound) Medium, .011 - .050, 720 5 Jason July 9, 2010 Great string for my Heritage 530 (full hollow thinline) they are warm like a flatwound but keeps a little pop when you dig in.

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Anyone know what the tension is like on these? I am looking for a higher tension short scale set of flatwound strings to go on my Gretsch G2224 Junior...

GHS ML3075 Brite Flats Flatwound Electric Bass Strings ...

Comments about GHS ML3075 Brite Flats Flatwound Electric Bass Strings: The GHS Brite flats are a great bridge between flat-wound and round-wound strings. They are round string that are ground flat, so a lot of the punch still remains. The nickel alloy is very warm and creates a soft growl if played hard.

GHS Brite Flats 710 Electric Guitar Strings Light Gauge 10-46

Best service and prices on GHS Brite Flats 710 - Electric Guitar Light Gauge (010-.046), Full Set | Fast Shipping | Educated Staff | Huge Selection | Shop Now!

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GHS Brite Flats Electric Guitar Strings These Brite Flats GHS Electric Guitar Strings are constructed from "alloy 52", which is then micro-ground to a flat surface. The GHS Brite Flats are similar in feel to flatwounds, but have a brighter tone. The GHS Brite Flats Electric Guitar Strings sets are available in a variety of gauges.

GHS 3070 R Brite Flats Short Scale – Thomann UK

When fitted to my SG Bass copy, they gave me an authentic 60s tone, deep and but without as much top end to the notes- easily remedied if you use a pick ...

GHS Electric Brite Flats - GHS Music Products

We took our famous Alloy 52™ and made a string unlike any other! Similar in feel to a flatwound string, the Brite Flats™ are micro-ground to a smoother ...

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GHS Bass Brite Flats™ Ground Roundwound Alloy 52™ is very kind to your frets and easy on the fingers. The wrap wire is built up with multiple layers and then micro-ground to exact gauge and smoothness. The perfect sound for all your bass brilliance. Brite Flats™ - Standard Long Scale (Fits 34" Scale)