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Wow! This is amazing. Ebru art ("colors floating on water") dates in its current form from the 15th century in Central Asia and the Ottoman Empire.

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Wonderful Turkish Marbling Art, Painting on water, Ebru sanati, cift Karanfil, الرسم على الماء - Duration: 3:58. Ebru Sanati ...

The Art of Marbling - Ottoman

The Art of Marbling. It is not possible to tell exactly when people started painting papers using the techniques of ebru which is ...


NECMEDDIN OKYAY He was born on the 29th of January 1885 in Uskudar. He was the master marbler of the twentieth century.

Ebru Yildiz -Portrait and Music Photographer

Ebru Yildiz is a Brooklyn based portrait and music photographer.

Turkish arts - All About Turkey

Turkish arts and traditional handmade items are the culture of Turkey which are still produced in many areas of the country.


Inscribed in UNESCO’s representitive list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, Turkish art of marbling reknown as “ebru” is now a ...

Dragon Rebound Editions - Handcrafted Rebound Books

Bob Giusti, Artist IT Cover Art. To kick things off, Bob is no stranger to the King world. As you know by now, we like to involve the original cover artist ...

What is Marbling? - MarbleArt

What is Marbling? Hello -- I'm Galen Berry, one of the few professional marblers in the country. I started marbling in 1985, and have been doing it as a ...

VSAC 2017 - The Visual Science of Art Conference 2017

The fifth installment of the VSAC (Visual Science of Art Conference) will be held in Berlin, Germany. Organized again as a satellite conference to the ...