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Buy HandicappedPets Rear Lift Dog Harness, Small at FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!

Walkin' Lift Combo Dog Harness - Handicapped Pets

The Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness provides complete lifting assistance and mobility support for a dog's chest, shoulder and rear legs.

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KomfyLift Dog Rear Lifting Sling Harness Provides Lift Support for Dogs with Rear Leg weakness or Paralysis

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Walkin' Lift Harnesses and Slings help dogs with limited mobility walk with support. These easy to use, adjustable items are available online from ...

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Videos. Helpful videos on how to choose, use and fit the Help ‘Em Up Harness to your dog. Click each thumbnail to view the full video. Our Story

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Hear from the Help'EmUp customers who think the dog harness is amazing in terms of dog support and dog assistance.

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Place the smaller neck circle of a figure 8 harness over your dog's head. Place the center rear of an H-type harness on the back of your dog's neck where a ...

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