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Connex Falcore HD Racing Drone Package - English

The Falcore Racing Drone Package is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes to enter the thrilling sport of Drone Racing. Using the new "Shield Mode ...

Amimon Falcore Racing Drone Kit with HD FPV System ...

Dad & Girl Drone; Snow Sequence Standalone; The Falcore is a 250-sized racing drone from Amimon that works in conjunction with the included CONNEX ProSight HD FPV system. With a top speed of 80 mph, the Falcore is a performer that will appeal to experienced racers.

FPV - Connex rc racing drone for beginners and ... - Amimon

Falcore is here to change that. The Falcore is an FPV racing drone designed from ground up to help expose drone racing to everyone. It allows novice pilots to fly and race right out of the box, and with a switch of a button turn the Falcore into an aggressive, ultra-fast, ultra-durable racing drone.

Drone Review: Connex Falcore | Drone Magazine

Connex has been in the wireless video transmission business for a long time, and it has the most reliable technology so far. When I heard that Connex had ...

Drone Racing - CONNEX FALCORE - Video Dailymotion

What we've been waiting for! Amimon has released the Connex Falcore for drone racing. Find out about the drone and what it was designed to ...

Drone Review: Connex Falcore - RotorDrone

Connex has been in the wireless video transmission business for a long time, and it has the most reliable technology so far. When I heard that Connex had decided to design a racing drone, I knew it would be unique and cutting edge, and that is exactly what the Falcore is: an innovative and fun drone for first-time—and experienced—racers.

Connex Falcore Replacement Battery – Drone.Parts Store

DetailsThis Flight Battery from Amimon is a replacement battery for your Falcore Drone. Like the battery that originally came with your Falcore, this is a ...

Connex Falcore Review | MyFirstDrone

The Connex Falcore drone is one of the best fpv drones in the category. Come see why we RATED this drone a 6.1 out of 10.

CONNEX Falcore HD Racing Drone | First Impressions | Flite ...

The Flite Test crew flies the CONNEX Falcore HD Racing Drone for the first time!

Falcore Ground Unit – CONNEX Support

Remote Control (RC) Transmitter Falcore RC uses a 2.4 Ghz, 8 channel AFHDS-2A, wireless communication system that controls the drone over...