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A calcium reactor is an efficient method to supply calcium to a reef aquarium. Reactors may be used in elaborate freshwater and brackish aquariums where freshwater clams and other invertebrates need a constant supply of calcium.

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A calcium reactor is a simple, convenient solution used to maintain calcium and alkalinity in a reef aquarium. They require little maintenance after the initial setup and are almost a necessity for tanks heavily stocked with stony corals, where calcium and alkanlinty demands are high.

A Guide to Using Calcium Reactors by Simon Huntington ...

Calcium carbonate reactors have become a popular way of replacing the calcium and carbonate taken up by corals in the ...

How to set up a Calcium Reactor | Melev's Reef

A calcium reactor is a piece of equipment that helps maintain alkalinity and calcium in a reef tank. For years, I didn't buy one mainly because they are expensive, and dosed my tank with B-Ionic daily.

Schuran Jetstream Calcium Reactor - Calcium Reactors ...

Calciumreactors with different efficiency are present on market since several years. A constant level of calciumhydrogencarbonate plays an important role ...

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Ca Reactor: GEOSREEF 612 Calcium Reactor CO2 Regulator: Electronic Carbon Doser Feed Pump: Off Manifold from Vectra M1 Drip Rate Control: Vertex ...

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A calcium reactor, in conjunction with a CO2 system, dissolves calcium-based filter media inside the reactor to replenish calcium and other minor elements in your aquarium water. For tanks with a high calcium demand, a calcium reactor is an invaluable tool that eliminates the need to dose 2-part calcium/alkalinity supplements.

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