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3-Ingredient Butter Slime Tutorial - Tatertots and Jello

Make 3-ingredient Butter Slime, It's slime with a softer, buttery consistency. Your kids will love making and playing with Butter Slime!

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How to Make Butter Slime. Butter slime gets its name from how it spreads like butter - with a quick stretch or poke, the slime retains its shape ...

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Samantha's Slime Shop ... All rights reserved © 2018 Samantha's Slime Shop. Powered by Etsy

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HOW TO MAKE CLAY SLIME VS HOW TO MAKE BUTTER SLIME! 🌈 NO BORAX! 🍭 - Duration: 7:43. Bum Bum Lab - DIY, Experiments, Slime Tutorials ...

How to Make Butter Slime: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

You will need:*white PVA glue *1tbsp of borax*1cup of hot water*lotion*daiso Japanese soft clay or regular soft clay *spatula or spoon *shaving foam


HOW TO MAKE CLAY SLIME VS HOW TO MAKE BUTTER SLIME! 🌈 NO BORAX! 🍭 - Duration: 7:43. Bum Bum Lab - DIY, Experiments, Slime Tutorials ...

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Check out my Instagram page for cute videos of my slime!

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Squishy, pokable, crunchy, buttery, quality slimes! ASMR, stress relief, or just for fun! Continuous stock! Slime made with love for kids and adults alike.

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Crazy Slime is fun and entertaining and comes in a variety of colors, textures and special options like Floam, Butter, and Metalic. We even have special ...

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High quality handmade slimes. All the colours, all the textures. Creating new slimes weekly.