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Gardeners Highly Prize this Unique Tree The Bottle Palm sets itself apart because its trunk is shaped like an antique bottle of Caribbean rum, a standout ...

Origins of The Bottle Trees | General Information

Cubby's Bottle Trees and Art Studio Teaches Classes in Stained Glass, Stained Glass Repair Restoration, ships bottle trees all over The USA County Florida ...

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Factory Direct Craft Supply specializes in discounted craft supplies, wedding items and home decor. We are a direct importer of mirrors.

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Browse our collection of landcaping trees for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our tree ...

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The bottle tree - Appalachian History

I don’t think anyone is trying to “push” voodoo or slaves ritual myths , just to shed a little light on how the bottle tree arrived into the US.

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Decorative Steel and Glass Bottle Tree Art for your Garden!

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Nursery Offering Rare Palm Trees, Cycads and Tropical Plants in Southern California with information on tropical landscaping

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