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Beretta Apx

The new Beretta APX semiautomatic pistol, utilizing a removable, serialized chassis frame, can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and ...

APX - Beretta

The addition of the new APX semiautomatic pistol completes the full size pistol portfolio and makes Beretta one of the few manufacturers to offer full size ...

Beretta Holster mod. Civilian Kit for pistol mod.l APX RH

Thermo formed ABS* holster, thanks to a reduced spacer and size it is ideal for concealed carry - both for police, military as well for sport (IDPA, IASC).

Beretta APX Threaded Barrel 9mm, BBL 125mm

Beretta Threaded Barrel has a threaded muzzle to enable mounting of a compensator or suppressor.

APX Promotion - Beretta APX

we will send you a package that includes 3 magazines and an APX holster. That’s a $155 value!

Beretta M9 - Wikipedia

The Beretta M9, officially the Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9, is the designation for the Beretta 92FS semi-automatic pistol by the United States Armed Forces.

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