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Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel for Animal Use -

Learn about Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gel for animal usage including: active ingredients, directions for use, precautions, and storage information.

Bene-Bac Plus Digestive Bacteria for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits ...

"bene bac plus" bene bac plus is the first, and only, probiotic that my dogs can tolerate without problems. I was using the gel but love that I can get in in powder form now.

PetAg® Bene-Bac® Plus Tips on How & When to Use

Use Bene-Bac Plus for animals under adverse conditions, such as antibiotic therapy, post-surgery, birth, weaning or traveling. Learn how and when to use it. bene bac

Product Description... PetAg Bene-Bac Plus Pet Gels are recommended to insure your pet's ...

Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel - PetAg

Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel. Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel is a palatable gel in an easy-to-use, 15-gram syringe or 1-gram tube containing concentrated FOS and live, naturally occurring microorganisms. Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel is recommended any time an animal experiences changing nutritional or environmental conditions.

Wellensittiche: Bene Bac Gel oder PT12 stressfrei verabreichen

PT12 oder Bene Bac enthalten probiotische Bakterienkulturen. Sozusagen gute Darmbakterien. Sie werden gern nach einer Antibiotikabehandlung ...

Bene Bac Pet | Healthy Intestinal Flora | Order

Bene-Bac Gel: Bene-Bac gel can be used for dogs, cats and rabbits. Bene-Bac gel is ready to use and can be fed directly from the tube. Each "click" of the pro pack (15 gr) syringe is equal to 1 gram, so it is ideal for small pets and newborns. Newborns. When you begin using Bene-Bac, either at birth or later, administer on the first, third, fifth and seventh day.

PetAg Bene-Bac Small Animal Powder | Petco

.75 oz. Source of live naturally occurring microorganisms. Contains 20 million CFU per gram. Helps animals under conditions like; antibiotic therapy, post ...

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My bunny-sitter just recommended that I give my buns some benebac for when his poops aren't up to standard. She says it's a preventative measure...