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Our Bear Repellent Spray meets or exceeds all the Recommendations. 2. What can I do to help prevent bear encounters in camp? Remember that bears are ...

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A United States Geological Survey article, "Bear Spray Safety Program," says that bear spray is effective in fending off aggressive bears while also ...

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Bear Spray and Dog Spray to immediately stop attacking animals! Bear spray holders too.

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Management and Conservation Note Efficacy of Bear Deterrent Spray in Alaska TOM S. SMITH,1 Wildlife Sciences Program, Faculty of Plant and Wildlife ...

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Bear repellent works by shooting bursts of atomized capsaicin (a derivative of cayenne pepper) through an aerosol can, as far as eight meters (though its ...

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I wouldn’t recommend it. Although using bear repellent spray on a human will definitely have some burning and irritating effects, it simply does not pack ...

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Autoguard Anti Rat Treatment Protect car from rats. Rats chewing on your expensive car wires, rats in the car’s engine area are a dreaded scene for car ...

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As bear spray becomes increasingly popular thanks to recent studies and articles attesting to its effectiveness against bears, as well as plenty of ...

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