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Bad Breath in Dogs: Causes and Cures - WebMD

WebMD discusses common causes and treatment of bad breath in dogs.

How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath |

Want to know how to fix your dog's bad breath? Learn tips and tricks so you smile rather than cringe when your canine gives you puppy kisses.

10 Ways to Improve Your Dog 's Bad Breath -

We're all aware that bad breath is one of the worst things a dog can have, and most all of us dog owners experience stinky kisses from our pets every now and then. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is caused by excessive build-up of odor-producing bacteria inside of your dog's mouth, lungs or even gut.

My Dog Has Bad Breath . How Can I Treat It? - Vetstreet

Simple chronic halitosis. Whether we’re talking humans or pets, bad breath is a big deal. It’s a stinky problem, but take heart. In most cases there’s a lot you can do to keep bad breath at bay.

7 Reasons Your Dog Has Bad Breath | petMD

All dogs are different, but there’s a common assumption that some dogs will eat anything, including things that are bad for them. Sometimes it’s true. “There’s a whole number of toxic substances out there, and if they smell bad, that might cause a dog to have bad breath at the same time,” Stupine said.

Dog Bad Breath : The Best Advice You Could Ever Get ...

Dog Bad Breath Causes. Not all bad doggie breath is created equal. Although they all may smell unpleasant, it’s important to pay attention to the particular smell. As I’ll go on to explain, bad puppy breath can be caused by a myriad of conditions, but sometimes the odor of your pup’s breath may help you figure out what’s going on.

Bye bye bad breath | Cesar's Way - Official Site Of Dog ...

After your dog has sniffed the toothpaste and is used to its taste, apply more toothpaste to your index finger and carefully touch the gums, so your dog gets used to the feeling. Then, gently rub the toothpaste along the gum line. Let your dog rinse at the water bowl when you'r through.

Home Remedies for Bad Dog Breath | TruDog®

Try These DIY Home Remedies to Fight Bad Doggie Breath Most dogs will show their love by jumping up to kiss and slobber over you – let’s face it, we ...

How To Improve The Smell Of Your Dog's Breath

7 Ways To Improve Your Dogs Breath. We all love those exuberant kisses that our dogs plant on us each and every day. However when our dog friends are ...

How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath |Use Natural Remedies

Is bad breath of your dog is troubling you? If yes, then try the natural tricks to solve the issue.Know how to get rid of dog bad breath at home