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On the edge opposite the top pin-block are either a series of metal pins, or a grooved metal plate, which accepts the lower ends of the strings.

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Not sure what string type fits your model? There are 2 different types of Autoharp strings. Type A model strings are used on 73 models ...

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Buyer's Guide for Autoharps - From Riverboat Music(tm), Autoharps were one of many attempts to bring music into essentially non-musical households that ...

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Annual June event bringing together autoharp enthusiasts from around the world for five days of concerts, workshops and around the clock music-making. List ...

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Photo: Jon Britell . Remember: the autoharp is a folk instrument--one that is meant to be played in an individual and original style. Others can help you ...

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Buying and setting up an autoharp I only recently (Christmas 2003) took up playing the autoharp again after a hiatus of at least 20 years, so I'm not the ...

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How to tune the autoharp. When it comes to the world of stringed instruments, there is a multitude of tuning options to consider, and the same is true of ...

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I’ve been looking for a vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp for a while now. But I’ve been fussy about the condition and concerned about not buying it in ...

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Seattle guitar store, folk instruments, repairs, and music school. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent instrument selection. Stop by and play!

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