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Introduction. Apocrypha is commonly applied in Christian religious contexts involving certain disagreements about biblical canonicity. Apocryphal writings ...

Apocryphal | Definition of Apocryphal by Merriam-Webster

Apocryphal definition is — of doubtful authenticity : spurious; of or resembling the Apocrypha. How to use Apocryphal in a sentence. Did You Know?

Apocryphal | Define Apocryphal at Dictionary.com

Apocryphal definition, of doubtful authorship or authenticity. See more.


A long article with a comments on each Apocryphal book. Classified according to origin

Biblical apocrypha - Wikipedia

The Biblical apocrypha (from the Greek ἀπόκρυφος, apókruphos, meaning "hidden") denotes the collection of apocryphal ancient books found in some ...

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The Truth about Alexander Tytler's Quote ... by Loren Collins. A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.

Biblical literature - New Testament Apocrypha | Britannica.com

Biblical literature - New Testament Apocrypha: The title New Testament Apocrypha may suggest that the books thus classified have or had a status comparable ...

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Apocrypha - Early Christian Writings: New Testament ...

Apocrypha: Bible Apocrypha, Apocrypha of the New Testament, Apocryphal Gospels, Apocryphal Acts, and other books of the Apocrypha!