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Explore our comprehensive selection of batteries, camera and smartphone battery packs, Button Cells & Special Cells in proven ANSMANN quality

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Welcome to ANSMANN AG. Please choose one of the following business units. Welcome to ANSMANN AG. Please choose one of the following business units.

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The ANSMANN alkaline, lithium batteries and silver-oxid button cell and special- and zinc-air batteries are known for their high efficiency and processing quality.

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Powerful batteries with a long life cycle: We are Convinced from the good quality our batteries - therefore we grant 2 years guarantee.

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Whether Batteries of nickel-metal-hydride, nickel-cadmium, nickel-zinc or lithium ions - ANSMANN offers all kinds of batteries the matching charger.

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Practical storage box for up to 24x AA, 16x AAA and 4x 9V PP3 block-style batteries / rechargeable batteries.

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Battery packs, batteries, chargers and power supplies for every device and application. As a system supplier, ANSMANN specializes in the development and manufacture of individual and mobile power supplies.

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In addition to custom-tailored system solutions ANSMANN also offers a wide range of standard Li-Ion chargers. Thanks to an intelligent modular system chargers for all types of Li-Ion technology are available without any additional development. The charging control is adapted to the appropriate battery chemistry.

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ANSMANN ENERGY - Bat­tery packs, bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power sup­plies for every device and application

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Lithium battery packs: The energy source of the future. With approximately twice as much energy density as NiMH cells and with a very low self-discharge rate, lithium batteries are the energy source of the future. This technology is the optimal energy source for many applications; from mobile drive to medical technology.