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This sponge features an extra fenestration which allows it to lay flat when wrapped around a drainage tube. Without it, the sponge will pucker...

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QuikClot® bandages, sponges, gauze, and trauma pads. From healthcare to military use, stops bleeding fast.

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Covidien 441407 Dermacea IV Drain Sponge 4x4 Inch 6 Ply Sterile is made of a synthetic blend of rayon and polyester that helps provide fast wicking action ...

Caring Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges | Medline ...

Non-sterile sponges can be used for applications where sterile gauze is not required; Not made with natural rubber latex

Avant Gauze Non-Woven Non-Sterile Sponges | Medline ...

Avant Gauze is Medline's standard non-woven dressing. Compared to traditional cotton gauze, Avant Gauze helps to reduce the amount of lint that is produced ...

Excision Procedures - Skyline Family Practice

Scalpel Excision of Lesion. Equipment #15 scalpel blade* Scalpel* 5-0 Nylon suture (#2) Betadine Swabs; Iris Scissors* Adson pickups* AgNO3 sticks; Sterile ...

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Spa Essentials® Esthetic Wipes are ideal for a variety of spa treatments. They’re perfect for cleansing the skin and removing skin care products.

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