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3 Prong Plug Adapters - Signal & Power Delivery Systems

Convert any country's 3 prong power plug to any other country, IEC or NEMA style. High quality molded, RoHS certified. Check us out!

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Change a 3-Prong Electric Dryer Cord to a 4-Prong Cord

Due to changes in the National Electrical Code (NEC), wiring for electric clothes dryers changed in 1996. Before the change, dryers used 3-prong cords that ...

4 ft. 3-Prong 40 Amp Electric Range Cord - The Home Depot

The GE 4 ft. 3-Prong 40 Amp Universal Electric Range Cord is specially designed for three receptacle outlets. This ring terminals allow for easy hook up.

Dryer has three prong plug, but outlet has 4 prongs ...

Here's my situation. I just moved in to my new house last week. I went to hook the dryer up and noticed my dryer's power cord has three prongs, but ...

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Visit The Home Depot to buy Outlet Adapter 20A 120-Volt To 30A RV PF921599